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    Commercial Heat Pumps

    Specialists in Commercial Heat Pumps & Heating Solutions
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    Commercial Heat Pumps

    Ground Source and Air Source Heat Pumps are fast becoming a mainstream heating technology for many commercial applications

    Radical Heating Solutions have a range of high efficiency air and ground source heat pump solutions that have been specifically developed for commercial applications. Our heating solutions excel in efficiency and surpass traditional methods of heating, whilst saving energy, reducing costs and reducing carbon.

    How Commercial Heat Pumps Work

    Commercial Heat Pump technology has been developed to extract heat from its surroundings (ground and/or air) and then circulate the heat round the building, outlet and/or premises.


    A heat pump transfers (low grade) energy found in the air and/or ground surrounding your commercial property into (high grade) energy. This is then used for heating the property and/or heating water.


    Commercial Heat Pump Benefits

    Our range of Commercial Heat Pumps (Air source and Ground source) from Europe’s leading Manufacturers offer assured performance and low noise outputs.


    • Dual Heating and Cooling System
    • Reduce heating costs – save money for other commercial/business needs
    • Commercial Heat Pumps are efficient, low maintenance with no fuel required
    • Commercial Heat Pumps work well with underfloor heating solutions
    • Proven track record (popular solution in the UK)
    • Works with existing heating solutions
    • Relatively simple installation process


    The units have the capability to deliver heating and hot water in the winter months and comfort cooling in the summertime.

    Commercial Heat Pump Installations

    Our heating specialists can specify, survey, design and install commercial heat pump systems including both Air Source and Ground Source.


    The Radical commercial heat pump systems are compatible with existing heating solutions such as central heating systems, water heating systems and underfloor heating.


    Commercial Heat Pump Kits

    The Radical underfloor solutions combine high quality heating products, tried and tested heating solutions and expert design to deliver improved energy efficiency, lower water temperatures and considerably reduced energy costs.


    We have a large range of commercial heating solutions that vary based on individual requirements such as existing heating system, floor space, building capacity and desired solution.

    Interested In Commercial Heat Pumps?

    For more information about our Commercial Heating Pump solutions give us a quick phone call or fill in our contact form and a member will contact you.


    Specialists in underfloor heating and air source heat pumps

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