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    The TouchPad works with our 12v Thermostats

    Touchpad – Central Control

    The TouchPad is designed to work with our 12v Network Thermostats, providing central control of your heating & hot water system.

    Touchpad heating controls
    Zone ControlUp to 32
    Home/Away FunctionYes
    Temperature HoldYes
    Hot Water BoostYes
    Auto GMT / BST CorrectionYes
    Auto Stat Time SyncYes
    Copy FacilityYes
    Voltage12v DC

    Home and Away

    This feature gives you a simple way of turning off your heating system whilst you are away. On your return, pressing the Home button will re-enable the system.

    Auto GMT Correction

    The Auto GMT Correction feature automatically adjusts the clocks in all of thermostats at the start of summer/winter time.

    Zone Programming

    The TouchPad lets you program the comfort levels for each heating zone on the system. Comfort levels can be copied between zones to make programming the heating system even easier.

    Hours Run

    The TouchPad stores a graph of the last 24 hours of temperature history and the past 4 weeks of hours run data.


    Technical Support

    All our thermostats come with comprehensive operating and installation instructions and we are always on hand to discuss operational, technical and individual project requirements with you as necessary.


    For more information regarding our thermostats, heating controllers and or heating solutions simply give us a quick phone call, email us or fill in our contact form and we will call you.


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    Call: 0161 711 0612 or Email: sales@radicalheatingsolutions.co.uk