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    Specialists in touchscreen thermostats for underfloor heating

    Touchscreen Thermostats

    Ultimate heating control at your finger tips with the Touchscreen Thermostats range.

    The Radical TouchScreen thermostats offer ultimate control at your fingertips with an easy to use touchscreen and lots of features such as system compatibility, network facility, temperature hold, key locking, bright blue display and flexible programming.

    Touchscreen Thermostats

    Touch Thermostat

    The Touchscreen Thermostat is a 230v powered heating control thermostat and an ideal upgrade route for those with an existing mains powered thermostat. The Touchscreen thermostat features an easy to interface and flexible programming.

    Touch Screen Duo Thermostat

    Touch Duo Thermostat

    The Touch Duo Thermostat is a 2 zone touchscreen programmable thermostat. It is designed to control a bedroom and en-suite from a single point of control, and is supplied with a Thimble Sensor. This thermostat provides an easy to use interface and flexible programming.

    Touchscreen Thermostats

    Touch-N Thermostat

    The Touch-N Thermostat is a Low Voltage (12v) touchscreen programmable thermostat, compatible with the UH1 12v Wiring Centre and Central TouchPad. The Touch-N can be used with a remote air and floor sensor allowing control of the temperature up to 20m away.

    Touchscreen Thermostats

    Touch-HWN Thermostat

    The Touch-HWN Thermostat boasts a range of features and is capable of control both the heating and hot water. It provides time and temperature of the heating and time control for the hot water. It is compatible with the Central TouchPad.


    System Compatibility

    Compatible with Radical Underfloor Heating solutions, Heat Pumps and most Boiler Technologies.

    Key Locking

    The key lock function prevents unauthorised tampering of the thermostat.

    Network Facility

    The N models offer a wired RS485 network connection and can be connected to our UH1 and Central TouchPad.

    Temperature Hold Facility

    The Temperature Hold feature standard on all Touch Series allows for a desired set temperature to be set for a specific duration.

    Flexible Programming

    The Wireless Models can be set to work in Non Programmable, 5/2 Day or 7 Day Programming

    Blue Backlight Display

    The Touch series incorporate a blue back light, which turns off automatically when not in use.


    Technical Support

    All our thermostats come with comprehensive operating and installation instructions and we are always on hand to discuss operational, technical and individual project requirements with you as necessary.


    For more information regarding our thermostats, heating controllers and or heating solutions simply give us a quick phone call, email us or fill in our contact form and we will call you.


    Specialists in underfloor heating and air source heat pumps

    Call: 0161 711 0612 or Email: sales@radicalheatingsolutions.co.uk