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    Floating Floor Systems

    Retro fit floating floor heating systems
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    Radical Overlay Lite for Floating Floors

    As part of our range of low floor retro fit underfloor heating solutions we have developed the Radical Lite retro fit system

    The retro fit system incorporates 18mm or 25mm of EPS insulation with underfloor heating pipework and foil overlay to dissipate heat output across surface area.

    Floating Floor Underfloor Systems



    This is an excellent solution in cases where the floor build up depth is limited – commonly found on refurbishment projects where floor to ceiling heights are fixed and limited.


    Preparation requires a flat and level solid sub floor for the insulation to support the floor finish on top.


    The insulation is pre-grooved to take either 12mm or 16mm underfloor heating pipe work and overlaid with foil to assist in the distribution of heat.


    • Floating floor has 18mm or 25mm insulation
    • Foil overlaid to distribute heat across surface area
    • Boards have pre routed channels for 12mm or 16mm pipe with returns for easy installation
    • Pipe centres can be routed at 150mm or 200mm to suit.
    • We can manufacture any combination of depth and size of board to suit bespoke applications
    • Engineered wood/solid wood/ laminate floors can fitted directly on top
    • Ceramic tiles, Carpets and Vinyls require suitable cover layer (6mm MDF or 10mm Ply)
    • Heat outputs vary dependent on floor finish
      • Example assuming engineered wood floor covering
      • Assuming mean water temperature of 55 degrees C
      • Approx outputs for 16mm pipe at 200mm centers 60 to 70 W/m2
      • Approx outputs for 16mm pipe at 150mm centers 65 to 75 W/m2
      • Approx outputs for 12mm pipe at 150mm centers 6o to 70 W/m2
      • If carpet and underlay with combined TOG of 1.5 are used – outputs would reduce by 10-15 W/m2

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