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    Screeded Floor

    Solid underfloor heating (UFH) solution

    Screeded Floor Heating Solutions

    Screeded or concrete floor heating systems are the most popular type of underfloor heating

    Pipes are stapled or gripped into clip rails on to an insulation layer and then screed is laid on top. Screeds applied are normally either conventional sand and cement mix or anhydrite flow screeds and each method has unique characteristics to be considered dependant on your project requirements.

    Underfloor Heating Clip System



    Perhaps the most traditional type of underfloor heating system is where UFH pipe is stapled to insulation where upon the finished pipe work is covered in screed to complete a finished floor.


    These installations are convenient fast response systems ideally suited to construction and new build


    Finished floors can be used as a superstructure as the load bearing characteristics can be varied based on specific user requirements, screed type, screed depth and reinforcement if applicable.


    A typical screeded floor construction generally takes the form of:


    • Structural slab or oversite concrete
    • Thermal insulation and edge insulation
    • Waterproof membrane (Building regulations)
    • Pipes location and securing system (castellations, Clip rail etc)
    • Underfloor heating pipe (with oxygen diffusion barrier)
    • Screed or concrete conducting layer (40mm – 75mm)
    • Floor finish (Tiles, Engineered wood, Carpets etc)


    Screed and concrete types vary but generally include: standard ready mix concrete, Semi dry sand and cement mixtures, Polymer aided, fibre reinforced screed and Calcium sulphate flow screeds (anhydrite or alpha- hemi -hydrate).


    All screeds have different characteristics based on application but all must have recognised British Standard or DIN Standard accreditations.

    Underfloor Castellated Panels

    Castellated Panels

    Underfloor Tacker System

    Tacker Systems

    clip rails ufh

    Clip Rails

    Clima Comfort Underfloor

    Clima Comfort


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