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    How UFH Works

    Efficient, energy saving heating

    How Underfloor Heating Works

    Underfloor heating heats a room evenly from the ground up, radiating heat either by warm water flowing through pipes (wet underfloor heating) or by cables (electric underfloor heating) embedded in the flooring.

    Both types of underfloor heating provide a very large heat radiating surface (the entire floor), ensuring the room heating is much more even, effective and economical than a typical radiator system.


    Energy Savings

    With lower system and inlet temperatures, Underfloor Heating makes your home more energy efficient. Our systems are also perfect for use in conjunction with equipment that delivers renewable energy or high temperature fossil fuel energy sources.

    Clean and Hygienic Heating

    The dryness of the heat produced by UFH deprives bacteria and dust mites of the moisture they need for survival. In contrast, radiators and the convection currents they create propel dust and mites around your home potentially causing irritation.

    Increased Property Value

    Energy efficiency and cost savings on heating bills are a great selling point for homes with UFH.

    Less Wall Space Used

    The entire living space can be utilised, as wall spaces are free of radiators and any cold spots are eliminated, as the whole floor emits heat into the room.

    No Cold Spots

    Comfortable and even temperatures across your heated rooms.


    Comparing ideal heating curves to underfloor heating and traditional radiator heating.

    Graph comparing idea heating curve to underfloor heating curve