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    Dial Thermostats

    Specialists in dial thermostats for underfloor heating

    Dial Thermostats

    The Radical range of electronic dial thermostats are simple to use and offer a greater level of accuracy than standard dial thermostats.

    The dial thermostats are used in conjunction with a separate programmer and have been designed to work with Radical underfloor heating solutions. Dial Thermostat Controls are normally based on 230v, electronic room thermostats, ideal for all heating solutions. Some have additional features such as remote air sensing, electric floor heating, set back function and more.

    DS1 Dial Thermostat Control

    DS1 Dial Thermostat

    The DS1 Dial Thermostat is our 230v, electronic room thermostat, ideal for conventional or combi-boiler systems. This thermostat is used in conjunction with a separate programmer.

    Ds1-L Dial Thermostat

    DS1-L Dial Thermostat

    The DS1-L Dial Thermostat is our central heating dial type thermostat incorporating an LCD. In normal operation, the actual room temperature is displayed on the LCD, rotating the dial will display the set temperature for 5 seconds.

    DS SD Dial Thermostat

    DS-SB Dial Thermostat

    The DS-SB Dial Thermostat features a set back function, a function that will automatically reduce the set temperature by 4C when no time clock signal is detected therefore providing more flexible control of your heating.


    Set Back Function

    A setback function, where the set temperature is reduced by 4C when the time clock is timed off.

    Dial Lock Facility

    The DS1-L dial thermostat features a digital lock whereas the DS-SB has a mechanical internal lock.

    Remote Air Sensing

    The DS-SB Thermostat range offers remote air sensing, so these models can be used to monitor the air temperature.

    Commercial Applications

    The DS-SB range feature an internal lock that allows the temperature range to be limited. This makes it ideal for commercial applications.


    Technical Support

    All our thermostats come with comprehensive operating and installation instructions and we are always on hand to discuss operational, technical and individual project requirements with you as necessary.


    For more information regarding our thermostats, heating controllers and or heating solutions simply give us a quick phone call, email us or fill in our contact form and we will call you.


    Specialists in underfloor heating and air source heat pumps

    Call: 0161 711 0612 or Email: sales@radicalheatingsolutions.co.uk